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Business Operations of Umbhaba Estates | Umbhaba Bananas Business Operations (Mpumalanga - South Africa) | Organic Banana Farming & Distribution Services in Mpumalanga

Business operations of Umbhaba Estates is the process of their services. Growing bananas, Harvesting Bananas, Packing Bananas, Ripen Bananas, Transport/Distribute Bananas, Deliver Bananas to retailers in South Africa (Mpumalanga - Kiepersol/Marlothi, Malalane/Hectorspruit, Hazyview)



Mpumalanga - South Africa




Business Operations


Umbhaba Estates grows bananas which are harvested throughout the year, ripened in around 130 ripening rooms and transported to retail outlets by means of approximately 50 trucks and refrigerated trailers which Umbhaba also owns and manages. The head office at Marlothi forms the economic hub of the overall operation.

Umbhaba Estates is an industrialized farming entity. A large proportion of turnover and profits is contributed by value-add activities.

The value-add activities of Umbhaba Estates started in the early nineties with the abolishment of the then Control Boards. Since then all ripening, transport and marketing activities are done in-house. Bananas are grown, harvested, packed according to customers' specifications, ripened, transported and delivered to the retailers' distribution points on an ongoing basis.

Umbhaba Estates established itself in a niche market during 2003 by achieving qualification as an organically certified grower and this certification applies to all bananas produced by Umbhaba Estates.

To enable an economy to operate at a high level, significant investment is required in order to support it. Capital, together with labour and entrepreneurship form the basic factors needed for production in an economy. Over the years large amounts of capital have been invested in the business and constant upgrading and technological enhancements have become part of the Umbhaba business model. We believe that we have developed a unique value proposition in our combination of the production factors, to ensure that value is added to the economy and wealth is created for all employees thereby contributing to the wealth of our country and its people.



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Umbhaba Estates' Business Operations, Organic Certified Banana Farming in South Africa, Banana Farming in Hazyview/Kiepersol/Hectorspruit



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