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Efficient Energy at Umbhaba Estates | Electricity Saving Solutions at Umbhaba Bananas | Energy conscious Agriculture in Mpumalanga

Umbhaba Estates take pro-active action towards saving energy in their daily agricultural Banana farming processes, reducing the amount of energy consumption and making use of solar panels for electricity for some irrigation stations in Mpumalanga



Mpumalanga - South Africa




Efficient Energy

As with all businesses in South Africa the steeply rising cost of electricity is a major concern for Umbhaba Estates. Taking pro-active action has always been part of our philosophy and to combat this rise we have embarked on a drive to operate as efficiently as possible.

Our strategy for increasing energy efficiency, at huge capital cost to our company, has revolved around two major efforts. Firstly, scheduling our energy requirements so that, where practically possible, we do not use electricity during peak tariff times. Secondly, replacing inefficient pumping and compressor equipment with controllable variable speed drives that use less electricity and our conventional lighting with LED lighting.

Implementing these changes we have managed to contain our energy bill to some extent during a period when electricity prices have more than doubled (2010-2015).

We were hoping to and in fact had commenced with substantial plans and efforts to embark on a major solar project in collaboration with Eskom’s Standard Offer Program. Unfortunately, this collapsed when Eskom abruptly stopped the relevant part of the program that would have had the potential to assist with our solar power aspirations. It is also a pity that Eskom is at least 20 years “behind the curve” in that they still don’t have procedures in place for grid-connected solar generation by customers such as us.


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Umbhaba Estates' efficient energy, Umbhaba Bananas Energy solutions, Solar Panel Irrigation Stations, Power Saving Agricultural Solutions



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