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Umbhaba Estates Infrastructure consists of various in-house functioning departments, Banana plantations, pack houses, ripening rooms, manufacturing yards, vehicle workshops, industrial automation workshops, IT systems and networks and making use of workers such as IT specialists, mechanics, boilermakers, electricians, engineers, builders, earthmoving operators



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Umbhaba’s development and maintenance teams consist of various specialists including electricians, mechanics, boilermakers, engineers, IT specialists, builders and earthmoving operators. Maintenance of all vehicles, large and small, is done in-house.
Apart from the banana plantations the infrastructure includes:


  • Six state of the art pack houses with around 130 ripening rooms;

  • Large manufacturing yards;

  • Workshop facilities to maintain all equipment and vehicles;

  • Workshops for industrial automation;

  • World class IT systems and networks.


Computerization is achieved with numerous clients, servers, routers and switches that act as a backbone for numerous critical business processes. Due to the critical nature of the IT, various backup systems and routines are in place to ensure 100% up time. Given the present times we live in of unreliable electricity, backup and automated generators are also installed at all critical supply points.


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Umbhaba Estates' Infrastructure, Umbhaba Banana Farming in Mpumalanga, Mpumalanga Banana Plantations



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