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Recycling at Umbhaba Estates | Eco-Friendly Solutions at Umbhaba Bananas | Agriculture Recycling practices in Mpumalanga

Umbhaba Estates take pro-active action towards becoming more environmentally friendly in recycling plastics used and also up-cycling plant wastes towards producing organic compost for our fields - Ensuring we run sufficient Eco-friendly farming and agriculture operations with no harm to the environment.



Mpumalanga - South Africa





Umbhaba Estates is committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly operational practices. To this end we have embarked on a project that allows us to recycle and renew our bunch covers to avoid the plastic ending up in a land fill. This process involves shredding the used bunch covers, washing them and reconstituting them into brand new bunch covers.


This process not only allows us to drastically reduce our green footprint, but also grants us the opportunity to create a number of new jobs and reduce the production costs that would need to be passed on to the consumers.


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Umbhaba estates Recycling, Umbhaba Bananas Recycling solutions, Plastic Recycling, Environment Friendly Farming Practices, Eco-Friendly Recycling Solutions in Farming

Umbhaba Bananas Recycling solutions, Environment Friendly Farming Practices, Eco-Friendly Recycling Solutions in Farming



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